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Allan Hope

I have been teaching high school mathematics for 12 years, and my passion for it continues to grow. I have also taught summer school and diploma preparation courses. Let's rock and roll in the math world!

I also love playing hockey, water skiing, track and field, basketball, and fitness. I hope that I can shine a new light on math for you.


Derrick Toporowski

I have been a senior high science teacher for 33 years. During that time I have taught in traditional classrooms, online synchronous courses, and blended classrooms. I have been a marker and item writer for the Chemistry 30 and Physics 30 Provincial Diploma Exams. When I am not teaching, I enjoy cross-country and downhill skiing. My summers are spent gardening, golfing, and hiking in the Rockies.

If you are having trouble with a science concept, I am ready to help.


Cassandra Ostashek

I have a Bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and Education and have been substitute teaching for one year. I have experience teaching students from Kindergarten up to High School, and my favourite subject to teach is Math. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, and working on my other passion, baking. I am so excited to work one-on-one with you and help you achieve our math goals!


Sinead Byrne

I have taught Science and Biology in England, Ireland, and China, and I currently teach in Alberta. I am passionate about all things Biology as well as rugby, skiing, camping, hiking, and fitness. I am excited to meet you where you are at, tailor the lessons to you and help you excel in Biology or Science. Let's get started!


Anastasia Toporowski

I’m a student at the University of Alberta and recently graduated with a BSc double major in mathematics and physics. Currently working towards an education degree. When I’m not doing coursework, I love to draw and paint. I hope I can help give people confidence in their abilities to feel comfortable asking questions and succeed in their math courses.


Awais Kanwar

I have a Master's degree in Resource Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. I have been engaged with teaching, research, and academia for over 10 years. I love sports and especially enjoy playing cricket and badminton all year long. I tailor my lessons to meet students where they are and work with them to set goals and make a measurable plan to accomplish them.

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